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How to submit:

  1.  Must be following the official ForzaWorld Instagram
  2.  Submit your HD photos from Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport to the team using one of the following options:
    1. Email HD Photos to [email protected]
    2. Using the #ForzaWorld on Instagram or Twitter
    3. DM photos either on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  3. Get Featured on our platforms and grow your page!

It is important to note, we don’t only accept photos. If you have any information about upcoming games, updates, packs, or more – send it to us! We always give full credit and can tag your account if you’d like, but if you’d like to remain anonymous, we can do

What happens after I submit my pictures?

As mentioned many times in the past we love community involvement. We strive to implement everything that can be done to make Forza World a more communal, welcoming, and content-rich environment. After the photos are submitted they will be reviewed by our team. The team will then decide if the content reaches a quality standard. While we can’t promise every submission will be used or answer every message we get, we really do appreciate any submission! There is a high number of submissions on a daily basis, and only the best will be used. However, we are more than happy to give you suggestions or tips on how to improve your content!

Example Submission:

Forza Submission

Welcome to the #ForzaWorld Community!