Holden HSV W427

Holden HSV W427

While many of you may not agree with us here, the Holden HSV W427 is our Car of the Week. Here’s why. Car of the Week was meant to be dedicated to not only our favourite cars in Forza, but also ones we think may not get enough love. The underdogs per-say. Back in Forza Motorsport 3, this car became available as a DLC, and was then available for everyone in Forza Motorsport 4. FM4 was when we really got our hands on it and we fell in love with it. Sure you can easily find a car that drifts better, there are numerous cars that look better, and for a V8, there are quite a few that sound better as well. But for some reason, this one makes us feel special. Maybe it’s cause we saw Jeremy Clarkson go nuts drifting this thing, maybe cause it’s Australian, but either way, it’s wonderful. We have it set up as the Bathurst S version. Supercharged, and with a near 600 hp, this car really comes alive. With this being the first game since FM4, where it’s available, we were concerned it would be different. Maybe feel different, or sound off, or handle like a brick on donuts. It doesn’t. Like the RS200 from last week, it’s been consistent. That’s one of the things we love most about returning cars in Forza, is they keep the spirit of the car. With the supercharger on it, it whines like it should, when you put your foot down, it slides like it should, or when you want to do a huge burnout, it does that too, just like it should. This car feels amazing however you have it set up, and it’s extremely competitive, not only in its division, but in any class you have it set up for. The loads of power make it a beast in a straight line, and even though it’s a big heavy sedan, if you stiffen the suspension and roll bars, it’s wonderfully balanced and agile in the corners as well. If you’re a fan of V8 Saloon cars, this is a car you should own, if you’re not, you should at least give it the benefit of the doubt and try it. This is one of the cars the @forzaworld garage will always have when it’s available, and it’s a car you should always have too.

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